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Honest reliable streaming with first class support, Our servers are never oversold.

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  • Stream Only 128KB No Auto DJ

    • 128KB Maximum bit rate
    $6.31/ Monat(e)
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  • Stream Only 320KB - No Auto Dj

    • 320KB Maximum bit rate
    • 10TB Transfer limit
    $7.40/ Monat(e)
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  • Shoutcast V2 Basic

    • 2000 Listeners
    • 320KB Maximum bit rate
    • 30GB Auto DJ Space
    $8.83/ Monat(e)
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  • Shoutcast Advanced

    • 320kb Maximum bit rate
    • 40GB Auto DJ Space
    $12.98/ Monat(e)
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  • Shoutcast Expert V2

    • 320kb Maximum bit rate
    • 100GB Auto DJ Space
    $31.34/ Monat(e)
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  • 7 Day Trial Shoutcast V2

    • 300 Maximum listeners
    • 128kb Maximum bit rate
    • 30GB Auto DJ Space
    • 5TB Transfer limit
  • Stream And Web Hosting

    • 30GB Auto Dj Space
      128KB Shoutcast or Icecast Stream
      FREE Website Builder`s - Site Pro and Site Pad
      Unmetered bandwidth**
      2000 Listeners
    $15.47/ Monat(e)
    Jetzt bestellen
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth is supplied under a Fair Use Policy whereby your radio can use as much bandwidth as required unless it affects the performance of other users on shared servers. If your radio reaches this point and is seen as a high-volume server we will contact the customer to discuss options and we will cap Listener limits to less number
  • Please note we are not resellers for any other companys streaming. We own and run our own servers based in Europe and have full control over them.

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